VietnamDoug's Montagnard and Vietnamese troops in Ba Tơ, Quang Ngai province, VietnamI returned to the Central Highlands of Vietnam in 2011 with Andrea Peacock and the Green Beret medic who preceded me at Ba Tơ, John W. Jones (Jonesy). I haven't been able to write about that three-week trip yet. The following three vignettes from Grizzly Years may indicate why.


Vietnam notebooks:

The Map

The Tiger

The Tunnel




Peacock's War, Smart, May/June 1989Peacock's War
Smart, May/June 1999
Download a pdf (29.8mb) or read online


Ready for War
Interview by Scott Carrier: National Public Radio, September 2001 (18:37)


Ready for War: Ten Years Later
Interview by Scott Carrier (11:44)

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