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Natural history of the grizzly bear

"The tone of the American experience with the grizzly bear was set by Lewis and Clark when they basically shot every bear they saw... The grizzly was more places in western North America than the black bear. It's largely an open country animal... Last grizzly was killed in California 1922, Utah 1923, Arizona 1935, and Colorado 1951... The only big item that needs to be changed on the grizzly agenda is human intolerance... We tend to fear everything we don't know. We blow anything away that doesn't resemble us, our neighbors, it doesn't matter what. We fear the unknown and we've taken that as far as we can go."

Inteview by Scott Carrier: National Public Radio (1:27:29)


The End of the Pleistocene (with Doug Peacock)
Home of the Brave Podcast with Scott Carrier 7/19/15 (19:06)


From the Sabertooth to the Grizzly
Doug Peacock is a legend in wilderness circles. A friend of Edward Abbey, Peacock was a Vietnam vet so traumatized by the war that he escaped into the wilderness once he returned to America. He says grizzlies saved his life.
Wisconsin Public Radio 1/25/15 (12:00)


Our planet is facing a mass extinction crisis. By the end of the century, we could lose up to half of all living species. But people are working hard to save endangered species and habitats, and a few scientists are even trying to bring lost species - like passenger pigeons and woolly mammoths - back to life.
Wisconsin Public Radio 1/25/15 (52:52)


Dangerous Idea: Save the Habitat for All Creatures
Wisconsin Public Radio 11/16/14 (3:30)


Ready for War
Interview by Scott Carrier: National Public Radio, September 2001 (18:37)


Ready for War: Ten Years Later
Interview by Scott Carrier (11:44)


Radio West, KUER (Salt Lake City, Utah)
Inteview by Doug Fabrizio: November, 16, 2005 (1:01:50)


Fresh Air, WHYY (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
Inteview by Marty Moss-Coane: December 16, 1999 (34:21)


Looking for Mushrooms
Interview by Scott Carrier (16:01)


Looking for Bears (7/23/93)
"The grizzly bear has been rapidly disappearing in the American West. There may be fewer than 800 left. It is believed that the last grizzly bear disappeared from the San Juan Mountains of southwestern Colorado in 1979. But, there is now scientific evidence that there are a few still there.

"A group of conservation biologists are making an effort to find and preserve the remaining grizzlies of that area with a novel approach: they avoid using federal protection laws in favor of a "land ethic" to protect the bears by convincing the local human residents that it is a good thing to have wilderness in their backyard. Leading this effort is Douglas Peacock, a grizzly authority and one of the strongest, more charistmatic environmental voices in the intermountain West."

Interview by Scott Carrier (29:38)

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